Rainbow Gymnastics offers a wide range of classes in gymnastics, dance and circus for all ages, level and abilities. We have one of the largest purpose built high performance gymnastics facilities in Northern Ireland with two full size spring floors, foam pits and trampolines, competition boys and girls equipment. We also have specialist preschool area dedicated to safe progressive learning for pre school children. 

​Classes run in a 4 week term and classes are subject to a yearly £25 club membership if you join September to April and £20 if you join from April onwards. Gymnastics members must also have a valid British gymnastics Insurance to join, circus and dance do not require this. 

​We are one of the only gymnastics clubs to have a built in system in which parents can login to see their child’s progress on certain skills and badges.

​We also run parents days where parents can come in to the gym and see their child in their class.(Covid restrictions dependant).

Please note due to covid at present we are operating a drop off at the door policy so please do not book if your child cannot attend alone and choose baby gym as an alternative, this is for ages 0-4 and parents can attend.


£35 per term/£46 Advanced Girls

£25 Rainbow Gymnastics Club Membership(One off payment September - September or £20 if joining after March 31st

All gymnastics members must purchase their own British gymnastics Insurance directly from British Gymnastics

Classes Available

From September 2021 all classes missed due to a national Lock-down will be made up when the gym reopens, Ie the missing weeks of the term will rerun when classes resume.

We always recommend that you select an age appropriate class as the coaches can break down the skills for complete beginner or group them with other complete beginners. 

Please note the minimum age for mini gym is 3 and we cannot accept anyone who will be turning 3 during the term. They must also be independent enough to come in alone as this is an independent class without parents.

Ages 0-3: Baby Gym classes, unstructured play classes

Ages 3-4 but not ready to come in alone or independent enough to go to the bathroom by themselves: Baby Gym

Age 5,6 and 7: Beginner or non beginner: Recreation boys and girls, Beginner Boys, Beginner circus, Dance

Ages 8 and 9: Beginner or non Beginner: Improver girls, Boys advanced, Circus advanced, Dance

Age 10+: Beginner or non Beginner, Advanced Girls, Advanced boys, Advanced circus, Dance

For Baby Gym please select from the main menu