Baby Gym

Unstructured session for children aged 0 - 4

This is a fun and unstructured play session with parents/carers in our fully equipped gymnastics centre. We are one of the largest gymnastic facilities in Northern Ireland with Olympic style and pre-school specialist equipment for children under 4.

We offer specialised gymnastics equipment that develops confidence, balance and coordination.

We also have one of the largest long trampoline beds with giant foam pits.

We provide two Olympic floor areas packed with brightly coloured soft play toys to keep babies stimulated.

Rainbow gymnastics is a registered circus school and also has various circus equipment safe for little ones including baby hammocks which are fantastic for babies who cannot yet walk.

We provide baby seats/rings and also walkers for those who are learning to stand on their own two feet. 

Every session includes a sensory sing and dance along which you are free to join in with including either balloons, parachute, hula hoop, pom- poms or bubbles. 


Please note, no children over the age of 4 years are allowed to attend this class under any circumstances.

Space are very limited per session and some sessions cost more than others due to on peak and off peak times.

Sessions last 1 hour.

Prices at Peak Times:

£6.50: per child walking

£3 Per baby/Non walking child

£11.00: 1 adult with 2 children

1 adult can accompany the child/baby. 

All children and babies must have a ticket. 

Prices at  Off Peak Times:

£5.00: per child walking

£2 Per baby/Non walking child

£9.00: 1 adult with 2 children

1 adult can accompany the child/baby. 

Off peak times are: 12.00-1.00pm



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