We do our best to instruct our gymnasts to the best of our ability. To do that there are some terms and policies we need all gymnasts and their guardians to adhere to, please ensure you are familiar with the information below.

Drop Off

All gymnasts must sign in at reception upon arrival - this is for fire safety.

Children must be in class on time and if arriving 15mins or more after the start of a class, they will not be permitted to take part as they will have missed warm up. These classes will not be refunded or made up elsewhere. Settling in is often much easier if the parent can swiftly leave to the waiting area provided and we can get on with the coaching. We have a viewing window in the waiting area or you may leave the building. An exception to this rule is made for medical / special needs (see Medical Needs), when a parent/carer will be allowed to stay for the duration of that class. Once a term we hold an open session where parents can stay to watch their children.

Pick Up

Please pick up your children promptly. For safety reasons we cannot let any children out of the gym by themselves. If parents/carers arrive more than 15 minutes after the end of the session, they will be charged for the coaches extra time. lease note that the office closes at 8pm Tues - Fri, and if you are wishing to see them you should do this when dropping off as opposed to when collecting at 8.30pm as it will be closed.

Medical Needs

Please make sure when registering your child you complete the medical information form, if your child has any medical conditions We do our best to include ALL children in our sessions. If your child is Autistic, Epileptic or has Diabetes, you are welcome to stay for the duration of their class.


Fees must be paid before the start of any block of classes. Gymnasts will not be permitted to train if their fees are not up to date. There can be no exceptions to this policy.


All gymnasts must have active British Gymnastics Insurance. They will not be permitted to train if not insured. Gymnasts transferring into Rainbow Gym Club, must sign into their BG membership account and add our club as their primary club BEFORE commencing training here.

Missed Classes

Missed classes cannot be made up unless they are cancelled by the club themselves.These classes will not be refunded.

Health & Safety

Please be aware gymnastics is a very physical sport and accidents do happen. While we do our upmost to prevent injuries or accidents with on going staff training, specialised equipment and padding and mats injuries in such a highly physical sport do occur. If an injury occurs in class we have on hand first aid trained staff and an accident policy procedure which involves informing parents at the end of the session. We expect all gymnasts to follow the instruction of the coaches as this is essential in ensuring the safety of all participants. If a child is consistently not following instructions of the coach they will be asked to sit out for their own safety.

Reports and Child Development in Sport

Rainbow gym club is fundamentally dedicated to developing talent in the sport of gymnastics. We offer a termly report card to parents to show development of your child and how they are progressing as a gymnast. We aim to bring as many children to competition as possible through structured schedules and clear development pathways. If you have any concerns regarding your childs development please contact the main office.

Classes are structured into tiered levels according to ability. Please not this is different than the British gymnastic badge scheme. Once a certain skill level has been achieved the children will be moved into the next class up. The development is as follows: gymnastics 5+, level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5. When children achieve level 3 they will be eligible to compete if desired. The levels minimum skills required are as follows:

Level 1: Cartwheel one handed. Handstand into bridge, forward and backward roll, toes up to the bar - ALL WITH STRAIGHT LEGS AND ARMS

Level 2: Round off, handstand hold 2 seconds, splits on 1 leg, bridge kick over, front handspring on trampoline and kick around the bar - ALL WITH STRAIGHT LEGS AND ARMS

Level 3: Back and front walkover, 2 leg splits, Back hip circle, front somersault on trampoline, Front handspring on floor.

Level 4: Back handspring, aerial cartwheel, back somersault on trampoline, 2 leg splits, straddle shoot

Level 5: Round of back handspring, Forwards somersault, Straight back somersault on trampoline, upstart, Aerial cartwheel, Back-walkover on beam.​ Minimum age 6. Entrance by assessment only.


Photography is NOT permitted in the hall. Only on designated display days are you allowed to take photos of your child.


Food is not permitted in the hall. Children may bring a plastic water bottle into the hall. If you child would like a post school/pre-class snack we would suggest cereal bar, dried or fresh fruit. Children eating any more than this just before the class risk feeling sick or getting stomach cramp during the session.


Please do not interrupt the gymnasts session for any reason as this can be very dangerous. Distracting the child or coach can lead to injury. All queries must be followed up at Reception. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you.