Designed for and tested by competitive gymnasts and made of 100% premium leather creating a strong grip and olympic standard reliability. With a unique comfort fit and easy break-in these narrow grip uneven/asymmetric bars hand guards have a strong velcro strap to keep the grip tightly on the wrist (sold in pairs). Used to protect the hands from the wear and tear that occurs when on the uneven bars. 
Size guide (hand size): XXS (up to 9cm), XS (9-10cm), S (10-11cm), M (11-12cm), L (12-12.5cm). 
Please note: Measure from base of palm to 2nd knuckle of the middle finger. It is very important  that you choose the right size, if your size falls between the sizes, order the smaller size.                  The guards can stretch slightly with use.

Girls Leather Narrow Uneven Bars Guards