This class is suitable for ages 5-9 and is 45 minutes long.

recreation boys and girls

This is a structured gymnastics lesson. This is a mixed class with boys and girls.

Children work through their British gymnastics proficiency awards and receive termly reports and assessments which are recorded in their progress diary given at registration.  We also do gymnast of the week and regular in-house competitions for all members who participate.(Not possible during Covid-19)

Warm up

The coach leads a warm up on floor which includes  stretching and fundamental gymnastic skills. We believe in an engaging short warm up session to wake up the mind and the body so we have more time to practice our skills.   


(approx 5 minutes)

Class Structure

The coach then splits the class into groups who continue on to apparatus work at bars, beam, floor and trampoline.​ The rainbow motto is fun based learning environment which is safe and allows children to develop confidence and physical fitness while developing skills.​ We have one of the largest purpose built facilities in Northern Ireland with Olympic equipment and coaches with over 20 years experience.​

(approx 40 minutes)

What to Wear:

Loose comfortable clothing such a t-shirt and leggings, hoodies or tracksuit. 

Changes Due to Covid-19:

Due to covid-19, we have a strict drop off at the door policy. No adults are permitted in the gym unless we are running an organised parents day event and this is subject to covid restrictions.



£35 per 4 week term

£25 Rainbow Gymnastics Membership(Annual 1 off charge that runs September to September) or £20 if joining April to September - This is not British gymnastics insurance this must be purchased separately 

Each Child must purchase their own British Gymnastics Insurance directly from them at