Junior & Senior Boys

Free G (Parkour)

Junior & Senior Boys

We have a dedicated FreeG Parkour area of the gym and Parkour equipment

A mix of parkour, mens gymnastics and free running this classes uses bars, rings, parallel bars, pommel and trampoline to develop strength and skills in gymnastics and flips and tricks in our 12,000 square foot facility with specialized gymnastics and parkour/ Free G equipment.

Taught by British gymnastics qualified coaches this class is very popular with boys. Boys classes allow children to develop strength, flexibility and coordination skills in a fun and energetic environment.

Children work through their gymnastics proficiency awards and receive reports alternating monthly with an end of term fun activity.

Free G (Parkour) Boys ages 5,6 and 7
£37 per calendar month

Free G (Parkour) Boys age 8+
Free G (Parkour plus) by selection only
£39 per calender month

£25 Rainbow Gymnastics Membership(Annual 1 off charge that runs September to September) or £20 if joining April to September

This is not British gymnastics insurance this must be purchased separately
Each Child must purchase their own British Gymnastics Insurance directly from them at www.britishgymnastics.org